The modern way for a company to manage its spending.

Smart apps and cards designed together for the way businesses actually work.

0% fees for local and foreign payments

How Finx Pay Works

Quick Onboarding

Simply create a company account and add funds online.

A Card for Everyone

Distribute personal cards to all employees in your company.

Control Funds

Allocate funds according to different teams and spending policies. Start spending!

Monitor Spending

Who, what, when, where, why of spend at your fingertips.

Your Cloud CFO

Missing receipts, non-compliant transactions and messy accounting becomes our problem, not yours.

Solve each of your team's needs

Management/Business Owner

  • Reap up to 30% cost savings with better spend management
  • Up to 1% cashback for company spending

Finance Team

  • Real-time spend overview & categorization
  • Fraud prevention
  • Easy accounting integrations


  • Never pay out of pocket
  • No manual reimbursements
  • No more paper receipts
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